Members of the VVS and Speleo Netherlands receive the magazine Spelerpes twice a year. This is the work of the Spelerpes Working Group. The Spelerpes is primarily aimed at recording the underground work of the Flemish and Dutch speleo world. Quite a few clubs are engaged in exploration, both above and below water. With the Spelerpes, we therefore offer a platform to publish the results of this work, whether it's a new discovery in the Ardennes or a large-scale expedition in tropical places.

In addition, the Spelerpes also aims to inspire. The magazine aims to give ideas to explore new underground horizons or to try out new speleological techniques. Moreover, the 'underground' does not always have to be natural. Mines, fortifications or other underground structures of human origin can also provide fascinating reports.

Furthermore, we always try to decorate the Spelerpes with a historical article, an interview or an article dealing with a side aspect of caving. In short, everything to do with the underground, and preferably with a link to the Flemish or Dutch caving world, can get a place in the Spelerpes.

On the other hand, the Spelerpes is not a club magazine. You will not find any reports of individual club weekends or club trips in it, unless these reports are really meant to inspire other speleologists. Nor will you find announcements for the General Meeting, club activities or other practical events in the Spelerpes. For these, no doubt other communication channels already exist enough.

In any case, Spelerpes is a magazine for and by cavers. If you have an idea for a report, please contact the editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are open to your ideas.

Finally, the editors are always looking for new contributors. Are you interested in being close to the 'news' from the Flemish and Dutch caving world? Then together we will find out what you can do within the time you can spend on Spelerpes.


  • Emergency exploration of “La Grotte Ephémère”
  • The discoveries of T&T explo in Goffontaine
  • Underground photography with lightpainting
  • The 2021 Anialarra expedition
  • Denée: carrière de ‘La Bosse’
  • Grotte du Pré-au-Tonneaux, Rochefort

Do not copy photos or articles from this publication without prior written permission from the author(s).

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  • The discovery and exploration of the Grotte de la Fosse aux Ours

Do not copy photos or articles from this publication without prior written permission from the author(s).

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You can find the publications of the Spelerpes of 2021 and earlier in our downloads.